CNC Machining

Steel CNC Machining Services

Precision machining of steel preforms is an essential piece of high-quality diamond and CBN electroplated wheels and tools manufacturing. At Triatic, our steel CNC machining services are conducted in our on-site CNC machining facility, so we have full control of the process from start to finish. We specialize in manufacturing custom diamond and CBN electroplated tools and wheels, so we can easily develop and design the perfect tool for your application.

Benefits of our CNC Machining Services

With our ability to manufacture our wheels and tools in house, on our high precision, close tolerance CNC lathes and mills. We can assure consistant results from your first order until your next order. Our in-house CNC Machining assures your wheels and tools will deliver high precision, consistant results for your most demanding requirements.

Materials We Use

At Triatic, the majority of our custom tools are manufactured from high-quality steels, such as alloy steel 4140, and 304 Stainless Steel, and 12L14, other options include aluminum and brass.

Quality Control

Since our steel CNC machining services are completed at our in-house facility, we offer great attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process. Whether you order a custom tool or one of our standard diamond or CBN tools, our team thoroughly tests each product that goes through our facility. This ensures you receive a product that will get the job done.