Custom Form Wheels

Custom CBN Grinding Wheels and Tools


Triatic, Inc. manufactures high precision custom Electroplated CBN grinding wheels and tools for aircraft and land-based turbine manufacturers. This includes CBN form wheels for grinding turbine blades and other engine components.

Electroplated CBN wheels and tools are the best choice for close tolerance form grinding applications requiring rapid stock removal in nickel alloys, cobalt alloys and other tough material removal applications.

Our highly regarded team of CBN grinding experts has over 30 years of CBN grinding experience. Our custom CBN grinding wheels and tools can help you meet the necessary engineering, wheel design, coolant, and machine requirements. We provide a total package approach to your unique application.

Our Electroplated wheels and tools are manufactured with tight tolerance forms. The lower initial cost compared to resin, vitrified and metal bonded super abrasive wheels offers a distinct financial advantage.

They are freer cutting resulting in higher material removal rates, less power required and reduced thermal damage to the workpiece.

The ability to hold form or profile from first cut essentially eliminates the time and expense associated with dressing.

Electroplated tooling has the distinction of being able to be stripped, reconditioned and replated providing even greater savings.

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