Wheel Dresser

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Diamond Wheel Dresser

Diamond wheel dressers are used to true, dress or shape non-woven, convolute or unitized abrasive wheels as well as any silicon carbide or aluminum oxide grinding wheel. Used off hand or in a magnetized fixture, our dressers are perfect for restoring straight diameters and sharp corners to your polishing, finishing or grinding wheels. Dressing your wheel will also clean up any glazing that may have occurred exposing fresh abrasive, opening up the grinding wheel surface to restore optimum performance. If you need to dress a wheel made from tough or abrasive materials such as aluminum oxide, our diamond wheel dresser is the ideal option. Our “T” style diamond dressing tool is made in two pieces; the removable grinding head and the comfortable, ergonomic handle. When the diamond grinding head has finally worn out, it can be easily removed and replaced saving you the cost of buying a new handle! To use this tool, simply hold it against the abrasive wheel moving the head side to side until you achieve the desired shape. The tough, diamond-plated head will bring your wheel back to peak performance in no time.

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