Jig Grinding Mandrels/Pins

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Diamond and CBN Jig Grinding Mandrels

Use jig grinding mandrels to shape a variety of materials such as ceramic, glass, and more. At Triatic, we manufacture diamond and CBN jig grinding mandrels in a variety of sizes ranging from .015” to 1” in diameter. Diamond & CBN pins are widely used on jig and internal grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines and hand tools. These pins are used for internal grinding operations of dies, special punches, cutting tools, as well as numerous parts of stainless steel, exotic super alloys, etc. Use diamond pins for grinding tungsten Carbide; ceramics; Glass & non-ferrous materials and CBN pins for grinding high-carbon; high-chrome steel; high speed steels such as M2, M3; and die steels such as D2. Check out our selection of diamond and CBN jig grinding mandrels today!


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