Market Applications

Diamond and CBN wheel and tooling applications

At Triatic, we manufacture high-quality diamond and CBN tooling to handle the most demanding grinding applications. Our wheels and tools are ideal for shaping and grinding a variety of materials including; composites, glass, and ceramics. As a result, there are endless industries that have CBN and Diamond tooling applications, including; aerospace, automotive, general industrial, electronics, oil and gas, medical, and more.


With new engine developments from the industries major engine manufacturers, the aerospace industry provides a wide variety of CBN and Diamond tooling applications.

We are committed to manufacturing high-precision products for aircraft engine, land-based turbine and aerospace structure manufacturers. This includes CBN form wheels for grinding turbine blades and other major engine components and diamond tooling for composite structures and components.

Electroplated products are the best choice for close tolerance form grinding applications, milling and hole drilling requiring rapid stock removal in nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, composite materials and other tough material removal applications.

Our highly regarded team of diamond and CBN grinding experts have more than 30 years if experience and are ready to help you with the engineering, wheel design, coolant requirements to provide you with a total package approach to your unique precision machining application.

Electroplated wheels and tools are manufactured with tight tolerance forms. They are freer cutting resulting in higher removal rates, less power required and reduced thermal damage to the workpiece.

Their ability to hold form or profile from first cut to the last essentially eliminates the time and expense associated with dressing.

The lower initial cost compared to resin, vitrified and metal bonded superabrasive wheels offers a distinct financial advantage. Additionally, electroplated tooling has the unique distinction of being able to be stripped and replated providing even greater cost savings.


Much like aircraft, many of today’s automobiles contain significant amounts of composites. These composites are strong and lightweight—ideal for any vehicle. This makes it necessary to use diamond tools.

Diamond’s extraordinary longevity in these materials provides for greater productivity. Our custom-designed products are specially engineered for slotting, shaping, sizing and finishing I.D., O.D., shaping and flat grinding of friction materials including brake shoes, belts, clutch faces, disc brake pads and transmission bands. Diamond form tools and wheels are commonly used in the manufacturing of automotive glass and mirrors.


Applications for diamond tools are wide ranging in the composites market. Our wheels and tools are engineered and designed for exceptional cutting speed and efficiency. Our full line of standard items is available on our website including; diamond saw blades, routers and hole saws. In addition, our engineering and design team will work with you to create custom solutions for your specific application. Regardless of the composite type, we will work hard to find the right diamond tooling solution for your unique machining application in any composite market including; oil and gas, automotive, aerospace structures and components, wind turbines and recreational equipment (bows, watercraft, bikes).

General Industrial

Diamond and CBN tooling is used in many major markets; aircraft, automotive, medical, etc. Whether you are shaping glass, cutting carbon fiber, or grinding ceramic materials, we can help you navigate the available options and determine the right superabrasive solution. Electroplated tools and resin bond wheels for grinding and finishing, diamond lapping compounds for fine finishing, diamond dressing tools for truing and dressing, flexible diamond products for shaping, grinding and finishing or engineered solutions for unique applications. We have the superabrasive solution.

Oil & Gas

From custom diamond form wheels to shape PCD and carbide inserts to diamond mandrels for pocketing in well drilling bits. We have the tooling, custom solutions and engineering services to provide the most effective grinding solutions for you unique grinding requirements.


Our capacity to uniquely engineer precision diamond and CBN tooling for the medical device manufacturing industry is the perfect complement for the ever-changing needs and face pace of the medical industry. Specialty tooling for deburring, chamfering, shaping and sawing is our specialty. Call us today to discuss your requirements and we will work together to develop the best superabrasive solution.


Diamond hole saws, jig saws, diamond Sawzall blades and drills, we have the solution for cutting, drilling and shaping ceramic tile, granite, marble and other stone products. Bathroom installations, kitchen backsplashes with glass and ceramic tile often require unique cutting and drilling solutions. Let the experts at Triatic help you find the right tool to make your job a little easier.