CBN and Diamond tooling services

Triatic, Inc manufacturers high-precision superabrasive products for grinding and finishing hard steels and alloys and also non-ferrous materials like carbon fiber composites and ceramics.

These materials are used to manufacture everything from nickel alloy aerospace engine parts to composite compound hunting bows, stainless and composite medical devices and drill bits for the oil and well drilling industries.

These major Industries and the unique materials they use in their manufacturing process require CBN and diamond tooling services including; electroplated wheels, tools, flexible diamond abrasives, resin bonded diamond and CBN wheels, diamond abrasive lapping compound, single point dressing tools, clusters and grit tools and highly engineered, precision diamond and CBN grinding wheels and tools.

We are a full service superabrasive manufacturer providing engineering solutions. Our diamond tooling services include full cnc machining capabilities, stripping and re-plating services, custom wheel and tool design and test cutting of coupons for complex wheel shapes and inspection.

Strip and Re-Plate

Over time, even the toughest and most durable tools start to wear down. As your diamond and CBN wheels begin to wear, it’s time to consider stripping and replating. The stripping and replating process is simple and fast and will save you a tremendous amount of time and money. Delivery for new products is generally four weeks. Compare that to the two weeks it takes for stripping and replating. Additionally, the cost to strip and replate is typically 40% less than the cost of a new wheel or tool. Call us today to find out more!

Custom Tooling

Our highly regarded team of diamond and CBN grinding experts have more than 30 years of experience and are ready to help you with the engineering, wheel design and coolant requirements to provide you with a total package approach to your unique precision grinding application. Whether you’re working with turbine blades, aerostructure component parts or medical devices, we can help you develop the superabrasive tooling necessary for today’s most challenging grinding applications. wheels and tools

Test Cutting

Electroplated diamond and CBN wheels are manufactured with very tight tolerance, complex forms. The ability of electroplated wheels to hold form or profile from first cut to the last essentially eliminates the time and expense associated with dressing.

Ensuring these complex forms are accurate and to your specifications requires the grinding of a test coupon. The test cutting of all complex form wheels before they ever leave our facility is our assurance the form is correct and will deliver the performance and form results you expect.

CNC Machining

The critical piece in the manufacturing of precision diamond and CBN electroplated wheels and tools is precision machining of the steel preforms. Everything starts with a precise machined preform. Our full CNC machining facility ensures we start with the best possible steel blank. We take great pride in knowing we have full control over our manufacturing process. We own the process from the raw material, the precision machining, the diamond and CBN electroplating process and ultimately quality control. Contact us for more information on our CBN and diamond tooling services today!