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Custom Grinding Wheels

Wheel Recommendation

As custom tool manufacturers, we understand that each project has specific requirements for its application and needs certain tool and wheel specifications. At Triatic, we can accommodate your needs with our custom grinding wheel services.

Here are nine questions that will help determine the best wheel for the job;

  1. What Material Is Being Ground or Cut?
    Generally speaking, Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) wheels are used to cut steels 50 Rc (Rockwell hardness) and harder and high tensile strength aerospace alloys such as Inconel and nickel. Diamond wheels are used to cut non metallics such as composites, carbide, and ceramics.
  2. Is It a Wet or Dry Operation?
    Is coolant being used and if so, what type? Straight oil, water, or water soluable? The vast majority of grinding operations work better with coolant. When using plated CBN, straight oil is by far the best coolant to use for long wheel life and faster cut rate.
  3. What Is the Finish Requirement?
    We can design our custom grinding wheels to offer the finish you desire. Most grinding jobs have finish requirements expressed in Ra (Roughness Average). In order to meet these requirements, the correct grit size should be used. A higher Ra can be achieved with coarser grits and, conversely, finer grits must be used for lower Ra jobs.
  4. What is the Form Requirement?
    A general rule of thumb is to use the coarsest grit commensurate with both finish and form requirements. The tighter the form tolerances, the finer the grit necessary to meet those tolerances.
  5. What Type of Grind Is It? (OD, Cutoff, Surface, etc.)
    Let us know what type of machine is being used and in general, what the job requirements are.
  6. How Much Material Is Being Removed?
    How much stock is being removed? If it’s a cutoff operation, what is the cross section of the cut?
  7. What Is the Machine’s Horsepower?
    Knowing the horsepower is helpful in determining what grit size to recommend.
  8. What Are the Wheel Dimensions?
    If there is a wheel print, please provide it. Otherwise, if the wheel is just a straight 1A1 wheel, please provide the diameter (x width x hole size)
  9. What Is the Max Machine Spindle RPM?
    To ensure safety and maximum operation efficiency it’s important the correct spindle rpm is used.