Stripping and Replating

CBN & Diamond Plate Stripping & Re-plating Services

With regular use, diamond and CBN wheels will eventually wear out. The wheel will begin to cut slower and draw more power. When this happens it’s best to pull the wheel and send it out to be stripped and replated. If left on the machine too long you run the risk of not only damaging the steel perform of the wheel, but worse, damaging your part. Regardless of the original manufacturer, stripping and replating will restore your tool to like-new condition, at a fraction of the cost and lead time.

At Triatic, our team of professionals has many years of experience working with CBN and diamond electroplated wheels. This experience has given us the expertise and knowledge to provide high-quality CBN and diamond stripping and re-plating services to our customers.


There are plenty of benefits to refurbishing your old worn-down wheels as opposed to buying new ones, including cost, lead time, and tool life.

Our CBN and diamond stripping and re-plating services on average save our customers up to 40%, the cost of a new wheel.

Ordering a new wheel can take time to deliver, typically around four weeks. The design, programming and manufacturing of the steel preform understandably increases the lead time. Stripping and replating eliminates the need for this additional time, essentially cutting the lead time in half ensuring you have the tools you need when you need them.

At Triatic, we believe that buying high-quality tools and wheels are an investment. This investment is something that you should have for years to come. Our re-plating services allow you to enjoy the full value of your investment.

Quality Control

As with anything manufactured at Triatic, we thoroughly test the wheels that we re-plate to ensure the wheel meets our high standards.

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